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Digital financial services hold great promise as a means to enable financial inclusion and thus help improve people’s lives. However, cybercrime has become a key concern in developing and emerging markets and is threatening to hinder global advances in building more inclusive digital society. Whilst governments in emerging markets are starting to implement cyber security strategies with the aim of setting standards for risk management and providing clarity regarding liabilities, effective monitoring require new expertise and resources for sustainability.

Against this background, The RegTech Africa Conference 2023 is set to harness the nexus between financial inclusion, consumer protection and cybersecurity for inclusive and sustainable digital growth.

RegTech Africa Conference is the premier platform with the power to influence change for regulators, regulated and key industry stakeholders to engage, collaborate and share knowledge around new technologies and practices that support better regulations.

The maiden edition of the conference held in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, was hugely successful and boasts of high-level representation of businesses and regulators across key sectors such as financial services, technology, telecommunications and Venture capital companies.

The 2023 edition of the conference is scheduled to hold between 24th and 26th May, 2023 at Oriental Hotel, Lagos – Nigeria in a hybrid format, with the theme: ELEVATING NATIONAL POLICY ON FINANCIAL INCLUSION, CONSUMER PROTECTION AND CYBERSECURITY.

As the fintech capital of Africa, the choice of Lagos as the venue could not have been more appropriate. As one of the fastest growing cities in the world, Lagos is the most populous city on the African continent. With close to 25 million people the megacity has the highest GDP and houses the largest and busiest seaports on the continent; with Oriental Hotel at the heart of Victoria Island and shielded from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The conference boasts of an expansive line-up of over 75 inspiring speakers and target participants of over 1,000 across over 80 countries, with a unified agenda on mind-stirring breakout sessions, focused on live case studies, information exchange, focused pitch decks and cutting-edge insights; all curated after intensive market research and feedback from key industry stakeholders.

The Conference which promises to be exciting, educative and informative, providing lot of opportunities for knowledge sharing, networking and partnership at the highest level, is driven by stellar advisory committee with shared purpose and proven track record in the advancement of innovative regulation across Africa.

Speaking on the event, the CEO, Regtech Media Group, Cyril Okoroigwe, disclosed that

the 2021 Nigerian National Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy (NCPS) identifies the banking, finance, and insurance sector as one of its thirteen critical information infrastructure sectors.

He stated that the conference theme provides an opportunity to explore how emerging countries of Africa are elevating national policies on cybersecurity to enable digital protection and financial inclusion in the quest to build a more inclusive and sustainable society.

According to him, the event will seek to drive inclusive growth through investment and strengthen inclusive and sustainable digital growth for global competitiveness through knowledge sharing, technology transfer and research innovation.

He further hinted on the launch of the maiden RegTech Rockstar Awards, a global data-driven awards in celebration of excellence in regulatory innovation across Africa and beyond.

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Regtech Africa Conference is a social enterprise initiative of RegTech Africa focused on promoting innovative regulatory technology as a force for common good.



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RegTech Conference 2022: Panelists Call for Rapid Adaptation and Collaboration between FinTech Companies and Global Regulators

Africa’s foremost fintech regulatory platform, RegTech Africa has held the maiden edition of its virtual conference themed ‘REGULATORY INNOVATION: BOLSTERING AFRICA’S ROLE IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY’. The event had an impressive turnout as over 1,000 global thought leaders, policymakers, C-Level executives, financial regulators, and policymakers were present, while 5,000 virtual streamers joined and were active throughout the conference.

Matteo Rizzi on the opening day of the conference spoke extensively in the breakout session entitled “Regulatory Innovation for Financial Inclusion and Consumer Protection”. In his words, “ We are on the verge of another huge wave of innovation and investments, and regulators have a huge role to play.” This acknowledges the fast-rising number of startups in Africa, hence the regulators need to align all players to achieve the goal of achieving financial inclusion in Africa. There are lots of iterations happening in the fintech space that banks globally can collectively learn from.

Dr. Ritesh Jain while addressing the need for the global financial sector to unify faster recommended that financial institutions open up their services through API. According to him, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, financial organizations need to adapt to the emerging market. Trends like crypto trading, digital banks, NFTs, and other iterations in the financial space, must be speedily incorporated where necessary to ensure that these long-standing banks are still competitive and relevant to meet their consumers’ needs.

Reiterating the essence of RegTech Africa, during his panel session, Pattison Boleigha, GCCCO Access bank stated, “In today’s world, there is hardly anything you can do without technology so the regulatory arena cannot be left out.” During the Roundtable entitled, “Regtech and its impact in empowering Public and Corporate Governance, Risk & Compliance”, Gary Lyons also corroborated this statement by highlighting the powerful role that RegTech Africa can play in ensuring good governance. In his words, “I passionately believe that Regtech can empower good governance by increasing transparency, harmonizing standards, and empowering better timely compliance and collaboration.”

To address the problem of identity in the financial sector, Legal Identity Identifier (LEI), a software that helps small and enormous businesses to create a globally recognized identity was introduced. LEI helps financial organizations gain insight into the global marketplace, finetune their processes and improve data integrity. With its introduction, small fintech companies can also play on a global scale.

All the breakout panel sessions adequately addressed seminal themes on Financial Technology like Consumer Protection, Financial Inclusion, Digitization, Privacy, and Data Protection among others. Professor Olayinka David-West, Associate Dean, Lagos Business School, during one of such breakout sessions stressed the importance of creating Fintech Associations. According to her, these associations are essential bridges that engender conversations between regulators and new fintech companies on risks and compliance. She opines that associations can also serve as self-regulatory tools and mechanisms that allay the fears of regulators concerning breaching market regulations and structures.

Expressing optimism about RegTech Africa’s global impact, Conference Convener, Mr. Cyril Okoroigwe, said the media platform remained resolute in its drive to engage upcoming fintech companies, and create a stronger platform for dialogue and collaboration between financial organizations and regulators so that like a well-oiled machine, effective systems will be established in the African financial space, and organic growth will rapid enough to meet up with global standards.

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The Regtech Africa Conference is a social enterprise initiative focused on promoting innovative regulatory technology as a force for common good. The annual conference and exhibition connect thousands of executives, regulators, decision makers and thought leaders from across the globe.

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