D. R Maurice

SpecialityCentral Bank Technical Advisor

D.R. Maurice is a central bank technical expert with over 25 years’ experience for both the US Federal Reserve Bank as a banking supervisor and as an international investment banker in New York, San Francisco and London. After three years as residence advisor in a North African Central Bank working on a range of risk management and macroprudential topics including information security and anti-money laundering. Ms. Maurice advises other Central Banks in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

In addition, Ms. Maurice is working on technological improvement concepts related to financial technology; anti-money laundering/counter terrorist financing as well as risk management of cyber security and cybercrime.

Ms. Maurice has two advanced degrees including a Master’s from the London School of Economics where she worked towards a PhD on international regulations for banks and non-bank processes. Her most recent publications (November 2016 and March 2018) address financial technology and strategic risk management. Ms. Maurice is a frequent speaker at operational risk management and financial innovations at professional conferences and universities in the US, Europe, and North Africa.

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