Freda Bruce-Bennett

SpecialityDeputy Director, Digital Economy Department, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)

Driven, motivated, with a passion for growth, national empowerment and economic development.

A continuous learner with a passion for knowledge, excellence, African trade and development rights, and investor and investment attraction and retention. Motivational speaker, published novelist . Highly motivated, organized, self starter, with strong diplomacy skills. Excellence in Critical analysis and analytical thinking. Excellent in Problem Solving. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Team Member and team player. Excellent multitasking and organisational skills.

An understanding of regional bilateral and multilateral relations and their impact on regional and sub regional matters of Africa. Deep understanding of the WTO Agreement on Agriculture and notable changes required for sustained African agriculture led economic growth. Development issues based on politics law and necessary changes. The rights of the masses in their national and sub level governance. National and global trade policies and their implementation which will drive sustained developed.

An avid writer, reader and commentator, I believe the voice of each one counts. It is for us to know we have a voice. It is for us to ensure our voices are heard. I believe in leadership by excellence. i strive for excellence and I am a continuous learner. A leader, a thought changer, a listener and a counselor. I understand that development requires a concerted mindset change at all levels of our society and a determination to follow through with that change by nationalist change agents of which I am one. Growth is about us all. Not a few. I strive for the benefit and the need and voice of all Nigerians.

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